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Know-how Premiorri Solazo

  • Technology Silica heat optimal — unique rubber compound with silica Ultrasil 7000 GR in tread guarantees perfect gripping with road in heat and heavy shower as well as high wear resistance.
  • Reinforced central rib guarantees perfect roadability, high maneuvering and safety of driving at high speed.
  • Multi-radius tread pattern with optimized contact area guarantees maximum gripping, uniform wear of tread pattern resulting in higher mileage. Tread is manufactured from high-tech rubber compounds basing on up-to-date generation of rubbers combined with environmentally friendly oil Nytex.
  • Side wall protection on molecular level. Unique rubber compounds (high structured carbon black in combination with protective group against ozone and atmosphere aging Santaflex 6 PPD) guarantees protection from lateral impacts and cuts keeping sidewall elasticity.


Know-how Premiorri ViaMaggiore

  • Technology Zeasnate is developed to ensure optimum gripping of winter tyres keeping elasticity at low temperature. Tread rubber compounds include silica Zeasil, high content of natural rubbers (80%), environmentally friendly Nytex oils.
  • Due to sophisticated tread pattern the“Rubber Z-stud” is designed in such a way that while running additional sharp edges are formed, the“stud” cuts into rolled snow and guarantees additional gripping and safety without increasing of noise level and not destroying road surface.