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Tyres PREMIORRI ViaMaggiore are gaining the markets of Europe and the CIS countries

This autumn the series of winter tyres PREMIORRI ViaMaggiore was presented at exhibitions in Belarus ("Motor Show"), Ukraine ("STO-expo») and Armenia («EXPO-RUSSIA Armenia-2011"). Participants and visitors of the events were interested in the new tyre up-to-date design and a set of perfect consumer characteristics promised by the developers.

This success of tyre PREMIORRI ViaMaggiore is achieved, first of all, due to high-tech design solutions. Tread rubber compounds for tyres are manufactured with special technology Zeasnate. According to this unique formula, rubber compounds contain about 80% of natural rubber, silica filler Zeasil, ecologically clean oil Nytex. This combination of ingredients allowed to enhance the gripping features of tyres, to keep their elasticity at low temperatures and protect the environment from contamination. One of the design 'highlights » of ViaMaggiore is rubber «Z-stud» in the tread pattern, due to which extra edges which increase the gripping of the tyre on rolled snow, are formed during movement.

Developers of the series of winter tyres PREMIORRI ViaMaggiore took into account weather and operating conditions as well as preferences of the citizens of Europe and the CIS countries. Consumer characteristics of tyres ViaMaggiore fully satisfy requirements of drivers of the CIS countries who use the tyres on different road surfaces and often under adverse conditions, where there is a need for a strong sidewall and a good performance gripping. The new tyres meet the requirements of European drivers, who in addition to safety appreciate tyre efficiency and compliance with environmental standards. Today the tyres PREMIORRI ViaMaggiore are represented in the markets of 19 countries in Europe and Asia: Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Croatia, Poland, Germany, England, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova and Armenia.