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All-season tyre model PREMIORRI VIMERO

All-season tyre model PREMIORRI VIMERO, developed for the American market, has received good reviews from consumers at the European and Ukrainian markets as well. The tested model 215/60R16 95H provides high safety performance and comfort in summer, mild winter and off-season period due to specially developed rubber compound and tread pattern.

premiorri_vimero_front premiorri_vimero_left


Modern tread pattern and rubber compound on the basis of the high-tech and environmentally friendly materials provide the perfect balance of excellent traction and high wear resistance even when used in a wide temperature range.

The tread consists of three rubber compounds with different properties and provides reduced rolling resistance and increased road grip. Outer layer of tread has good abrasion resistance, while inner layer generates less heat at high speeds.

The tread pattern is comprised of the central rib and 4 circumferential ribs - two middle ribs and two outer rigid shoulder blocks.

The central rib with sipes and slots supports the middle tread area, improving road-holding ability and excellent steering control at high speeds.


Rigid shoulder blocks reduce braking distance and improve handling when cornering or maneuvering, thus providing road holding ability on dry and wet road.

Additional shallow grooves in the central, middle and shoulder area quickly remove water layer between the tyre and the road surface.

Wide longitudinal channels and channels inclined at angles of 20° and 10° ensure collection and fast removal of water and slush for maximum contact patch.

Semi-open-type and closed-type sipes of different depth and shallow sipes in the shoulder blocks cut water film, thus minimizing aquaplaning and reducing braking distance.

Transverse grooves with different depth and width prevent occurrence of unpleasant sounds, significantly improving acoustic comfort.