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Up-to-date technology and materials which meet requirements of REACH (System of Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical substances in European Union). The main purpose of REACH is to guarantee high level of human health and environmental protection are used in tyre production.

In production of PREMIORRI Solazo and PREMIORRI ViaMaggiore tyres environmentally friendly oils NYTEX (Sweden), special types of silica Ultrasil 7000 GR and Zeosil 1165 MR as well as latest grades of rubbers are used.

Exceptional consumer’s tyre characteristics are achieved and tyres are environmentally friendly due to the above mentioned. Eco-marker “ecological tire” is marked on a sidewall.

Index of rolling resistance meets European Standards what is proved by certificates E8*117R-01*0013 SW*01 (Premiorri Solazo), E8*117R-01*0027 SW*00 (Premiorri ViaMaggiore).